rode my first stretch of GREEN BIKE LANES in Washington DC


I liked it...
it was only 20 yards long
but for 20 yards I felt a tad safer

not sure if cars were respecting the bike lane more because it is green
but I think over time if all the bike lanes were green
I think the lanes would get more respect and then the bikes would get more respect

that said...

so many cars think that the bike HAS to be in the bike lane if there is a bike lane
not even a consideration

we need to work on ACCEPTANCE

if the bike lane were a true sanctuary.... I would respect that
but with the bike lane occupied by double parked cars... taxi cabs picking up and dropping off fares... and buses... well 
throw in car doors
the bike lane does not make me feel any safer
green or not

maybe I was naive for feeling safer

be careful on the bike
be defensive when riding
but remember the old saying
sometimes the best defense is a strong offense
and then 


take your right to space

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