this is classic... DC Messengers as extras playing messengers in feature films

Tom Arnold, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Steve Harivel in TRUE LIES
True Lies... a classic action film

one time I remember the road in front of the White House was closed off to traffic
and they were running vintage era cars from like the 1920's with people walking the sidewalk in clothing of the time
oh...  at this point in time car traffic used the roads on each side of the White House
tourists would stop and gape
some would pull out the Polaroid or the Kodak with 110 format film and snap a shot

the road were cut off because they were making a film
Winds of War maybe... something to that effect
in any case I rolled past the barricade and was splitting traffic
but before I could get past the Old Executive Office Building an flat foot on the sidewalk gave me a hearty "hey!"

I guess peroxide blonde mop head of hair on a Cannondale SM600 with its fat knobby tires and its 26 inch wheel in the front and 24 inch wheel in the back would not quite match the era

I never saw National Treasure... did the Marcia shots make the big screen?

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