a few old shots... a few older shots...

found a random SD Card...
the images amuse me
most of these images have been on "the page" before
yet I share them again

good to see the passage of time
important to observe the passage of time

time is definitely passing
as they say
time flies
where does all the time go

how did I get so old so fast?
where is my youth?
was my youth misspent?
am I as young as I feel or just immature?

tried catching up with Rob and Snoopy the other day
the effort was independent
after riding Patapsco I called each of them
neither Rob or Snoopy picked up
I was local... tried to connect 

no dice rock slice

classic shot from The Washington Post
sledding at Battery Kimble on a snow day in high school
me and my friends? not Reagan?

then the white dinner jacket for the prom

trying to be cool
maybe missing the mark
how cool can a kid be with a clip on tie?
fun time that night...
fun time being young

that porch.. that house on Old Chester
the house that Rob grew up in
that house is no longer there
someone bought that house and the house next to it and put a McMansion there
that is the times

another wedding shot...
good time with good friends
always good to get together with the boys
I do not get together with my friends... more specifically
need to make these infrequent meetings more frequent
we all get so focused on our own lives
each of us with our own wives and our own children

we used to ride bikes together
but Snoopy is playing hockey
Rob is chasing his two girls around
and well...
I don't go riding as much as people would think

in short...
I just tried to get some text to go along with these images

fun images

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