it is not about getting it shape... it is not about decreasing fuel dependency... it is about riding a bike

yesterday it occurred to me that I had not been doing enough post school bike riding with the boys...

with the boys at different schools
and an early morning work schedule I do not have the routine that allows for a simple procedure
previously I would drop the boys off at school with their bikes
then ride my bike to their school and then ride home with them
but now...
now with my early morning work schedule it is working out that my wife Lisa is handling early morning drop off and I am handling afternoon pick up

so yesterday I got creative...
in hindsight it is obvious
as I was preparing to head across town to get my son I debated about the bike
a glance out the window I noticed my neighbor's car has a bike rack
and well... my neighbor also has a child at my son's school
sure I could ask her to pick him up
but instead I asked her to give me a ride with my bikes to school... she abliged

I love the post school bicycle ride
I know I enjoy it more than my son... he enjoys it
even through all of his complaints I know he enjoys it
and that post school bike ride
it is not about conserving fuel
it is not about getting in shape
it is about getting on the bike

riding a bike to ride a bike
it is simple and pure

I like riding a bike
I love riding a bikes with my kids

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