this is moderately amusing... I guess we needed some news after the election

Who is Jill Kelly?
oh... not that Jill Kelly?
how does Jill Kelly fit into all of this?

Paula Broadwell on Jon Stewart in January of 2012

I bet Patraeus could with stand water boarding, being drawn and quartered and whatever other forms torture are out there and in daily practice
but really... I do not think anyone could resist Paula Broadwell...

older man vs. young attractive passionate woman

Paula Broadwell was interested in Petraeus's story... she was amazed by his life... I am sure she laughed at his jokes... they ran together
and well...
vanity is one of the seven deadly sins

they ran together?
when was the last time that Petraeus's wife ran with him... laughed at his jokes... showed interests in his stories...

as far as resigning...
Patraeus is not resigning for what he did... he is resigning because he got caught
had he not been caught
I would not know who Paula Broadwell is

right now I am having the blank filled in by watching CBS News This Morning

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