at a glance...

The Hunger Games have given archery a rise in popularity
my guess...
this may effect the sale of bow and arrows
but I doubt that as many people will use these things as will buy these things

what pleases me is how many Archery Ranges exist in the area...
nothing in DC proper
there are Archery Ranges at parks that also have mountain biking

my boys are each getting a bow and arrow for Christmas
it is something that they enjoy each and every time they go to camp
it is something I think that they will enjoy
it is also something that can only happen under adult supervision

my goal...
to bring the boys, the bikes, and the archery gear to Fountainhead, Lake Needwood, or Schaeffer Farms
where we can shoot the bow and arrow for a small gap of time
then hit the trails

that is the current plan

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