Bell Boy...

The Police Reggatta de Blanc
blows my mind how awesome this album is

I will admit... I dropped The Police with Ghost in the Machine
sure I bought it... but I felt it was a little watered down
similar to The Clash's Combat Rock
yes... I bought these albums at their release and gave them plenty of rotation time on the turn tables
but I saw these albums as the beginning of the end for these bands
the mainstream pop releases

I bet if I listened to those records now I would give them a different review
part of my interpretation was my evolving taste of the time
and the notion of "what is cool"
then there was that argument of "selling out"

"selling out" was a big topic of conversation when respecting a band as artists or musicians with integrity 

13 year olds know so much
I wish I knew now all I knew then

Bell Boy

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