is she intentionally ignoring the L Street Bike Lane?
I know I find that it is not necessarily more safe than riding in the road
especially with all the confusion

L Street is one way at this point on the map...
this street crosses a series of ONE WAY STREETS
the streets alternate
the odd streets head south
the even streets head north

which means that there will be Right Turning traffic on one block
then Left Turning Traffic on the next
only to alternate to Right and then Left
then things get normal again when L Street Crosses the two way streets

for years I ran a movement to avoid the danger
I would zig and zag down L Street at a fast pace
dodging the "worst case scenario"
avoiding the "point of intersection"
always working to put myself where I am most safe

riding far to the right... but moving far to the left when approaching the ONE WAY that beckons the approaching the area where cars start their progression turning right
only to have to move from the left side back to the right when I got to the point where cars were starting to turn left
while leaving the center lane for faster moving traffic going forward

now their is this bike lane.... if I am snailing along, it is a good option
if I am trying to move... it does not make sense

the area where the cars merge to make their left turn
and the bikelane and turning lane share a space for 20 yards
well... that is infrastructure that is creating the potential for some serious danger
as we all know... bikes are hard to see
especially when car drivers are not looking for them

be safe
be smart
be careful out there
it is potentially dangerous

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