Depeche Mode... I was not open with my friends that I liked Depeche Mode

it was not until college that I was secure enough to admit to my friends that I liked Depeche Mode
this was an amazing experience
as I felt this great relief 
a relief that was extended greatly when I learned that they too were fans of Depeche Mode but afraid to admit it

somehow it was acceptable to admit to liking The Smiths

but Depeche Mode? 
who are you trying to kid

but yes...

I did like Depeche Mode
and it went beyond that
I also enjoyed some Tears for Fears and then also dipped into the New Order sound

Bauhaus was dark enough that people could accept the appreciation

but the Cure?
well... that was on the same page as Depeche Mode
and well... I was not that familiar with the Cure... but when I heard them... I liked them
so often opinions were made before hearing a band

something like Rush

well... I knew the people who enjoyed it
so I knew it was not for me
but with Pink Floyd?
somehow I thought that their following would be a good indicator
yet somehow Dark Side of the Moon is one of my top favorite ENTIRE ALBUMS of all time

so here it is

I am blogging with Depeche Mode playing in the background

I wonder... did he ever find "somebody?"


but really

when I came forward with my appreciation of Depeche Mode it was too late
Depeche Mode had changed and evolve and reached another level

with STRANGE LOVE and the other songs that surrounded it... they were hitting a larger audience

after all... it was MUSIC FOR THE MASSES

but really... I get why someone would ask "why"
they are sort of... oh... never mind
all this was pre Internet
seeing some of the videos.... the fashion was far from my fashion
a little over the top from where I stood
but the kids who committed to the Cave Wave or the full on Flock of Seagull-esque
of nevermind... I am splitting "hairs"
as I think I had a look that may have been more Big Country, but was still pretty "new wave"

okay... come on... it was not like I was the only straight guy who like George Michael
Listen Without Prejudice? 
sure Faith was all pop
but Listen Without Prejudice is beauty

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