guns for sport... sure
guns for home protection? FORGET THAT!get a dog or move.every week there is a headline where an innocent person is the victim of gun violence
last week a dad accidentally shot his son in the front seat of their car...
a few months back a father shot his son thinking it was a masked robber breaking into their neighbor's home
classically, I never know of the professional football player until they do something drastically wrong
and that murder suicide a week or so back could have been easily avoided
and there is always the text book brother shooting brother playing with their dad's gun
and no... I am not talking about that "brother vs brother"
but of course... we have that other brother versus brother gun violence
guns do not kill people
people kill people
that is why I am not against guns
that is why I am against people owning guns
lock em up...
take em out when you go to the range or when you go out hunting
hunt safe and smart
shoot at the range with poise, accuracy, and of course safety
guns are not making our society safer
I know my brother and I played with my father's gun that was hidden away in a closet
was it loaded? more than likely not
sure... there was not tragic end there
but that is how accidents happen
life is tragic enough without bringing guns into the game
have a nice day.
you are my friends even if we disagree
I have heard your NRA rhetoric before and do not need to hear it again
we have not changed each other's minds before and we will not change them now

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