Brown Again...

good randomness when I search SHAWN on the Gwadzilla Page

Shawn and I were a two man team at Big Wheel Bikes at the Eastern Market for a bit
not long
but a decent spell
good clubhouse good time
working in the bike shop is an experience
especially in the day of the "mom and pop"

Big Wheel Bikes made you be creative
Mike Sendar made it difficult to run a shop
instead of ordering stuff for the shop
he would raid our shop for his other shops when they were low on stuff

it was an interesting time
Capitol Hill and the Eastern Market was a very different time back then
it was a good time
lots of great memories of working in that shop

hanging with Shawn was a good time
we had a good time in the bike shop
which at times is a little bit like hanging out in the clubhouse

good to catch up with Shawn
it was awesome to see him as the front man of Dag Nasty AGAIN!
who would have thought NEVER GO BACK 27 years later?
certainly not Shawn

they sounded amazing 
shawn sounded amazing

brian baker... it is amazing that all that sound comes from one guitar
and when brian went from guitar to bass on the GI set at Night Two of the Salad Days Weekend
well... then the bass became the more full instrument of the two
lots of good music that weekend
everyone was super tight

photos from the show

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