Chip Cashel
too young to die
Chip Cashel's committing suicide is nothing short of a tragedy...

I am not sure if it is my right to tell the story
I was neither Chip's best friend
nor was I in that inner circle to witness things first hand
but Chip and I were friends
and this photo is EPIC!
so I share just the same

Chip Cashel took his own life.. suicide
if I remember correctly he jumped off the roof of an apartment building at the corner of Wisconsin and Calvert
across from the gas station in Glover Park

I am pretty confident he was living in a group house in Glover Park at the time
oddly enough...
Chip was going to take my room on Girard Street in Columbia Heights while I rode my motorcycle across the country
but Jason Farrell filled that void instead

Chip was working as a bicycle messenger at the time
we would catch up in the park
Chip would tell me I should wear a helmet or that I was taking unnecessary risks
it was interesting his respect for life... his concern for my life
then for him to take his own

Depression is not a rational thought
rarely does suicide involve rational thought
Chip had his whole life ahead of him
but... the pain must have been SO GREAT
he just had to stop the pain

thinking about this makes me sad
I was hanging out with John Garrish in Berkley California when Dave Stern called to give John the news
chilling... ABSTRACT... yet chilling
life is a mystery
death is even more of a mystery

Rest In Peace Chip
the world would be a better place if you were still around
sorry that you were in such pain
hard to imagine you just sitting on the edge of that building... feet dangling over the edge... smoking a cigarette and looking at the cityscape in front of you
then having another cigarette... and then another
then jumping to your early grave

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John Garrish said...

still think about him even after all these years. too young to go.