double parking when there is a space...

this guy was double parked next to a space
not my concern... but it pisses me off
no... I would not blow the whistle on him
but I would applaud him getting a ticket

like an asshole who does not know how to parallel park
the owner of this car sat guard at Pollo Sabroso
waiting... watching...
ready to go out and sweet talk the meter maid or the dc cop

I think the owner was wearing a Metro shirt
I wonder how his fellow Metro workers like how he represents them

it is this type of behavior and how it irks me that acts as one example how I identify with the Liz Lemon character on 30 Rock
and well
that is not a good thing

this guy did not get a ticket
more than likely there were three or four police officers avoiding the cold in the 7-11 or catching some Zs in a cruiser down the block
blowing the whistle is not my style
but I was tempted to do some mime work to get some attention towards this guy

how about this...
no ticket...
but if he can not parallel park in a space that a normal person can park
he loses his license

seems fair
if you can not drive... you should lose your right to drive

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