factor me into the equation...

this morning on my short ride into work I got to enjoy purple clouds that had a beautiful pink under belly

then on the final blocks into work I had a situation where I had the green light and proceeded forward
in the first crosswalk was a joker with his face down
focused on his "smart phone"
I stayed the course
like a deer racing for that point of intersection he timed it perfectly

I was close enough to slap the smart phone from his hands
but instead said
"please factor me into the equation"

then I passed through the intersection 
only to go through the next crosswalk experiencing the same situation
a joker with their focus on their smart phone
just like that last deer racing for the point of intersection
clearly an effort for suicide

I passed this person giving the same request
"please factor me into the equation"

cars... pedestrains... and often other bikers do not see cyclists
often not factoring the cyclist into the equation

at a four way stop sign cars make their slow and go
often not giving the cyclist or pedestrian their "turn"
come on...
"factor pedestrians and cyclists into the equation"

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