I had heard rumors... here is evidence

Bruce Variety Closing after 60 Years on PATCH

honestly... I grew up with Bruce Variety, but fell out of love with it
as a father I feel that it does not offer up the shopping experience of wonder to my kids that I got as a kid

they kids struggle to find something that they would buy

I know... it is not a toy store
it is a store that has everything... toys, school supplies, craft supplies, then everyday stuff!

and of course JUNK!

Bruces Variety had AWESOME JUNK!

I think the store lost touch and did not carry the old stuff that people needed then and then also the new stuff people need now

okay, I need to read the article to learn why they are closing

hopefully someone see opportunity here!

and of course
my friend Norman van der Sluys worked at the Woolworth's on Wisconsin Ave before it closed

Bethesda... much like the world is changing
change is inevitable, but not always for the best

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