thanks Inja...

Priti Baiks

the notion of "shop class" and cars may be an antiquated concept
but a BICYCLE SHOP CLASS... well... now we are talking

I think that every school should offer some basic BICYCLE REPAIR CLASSES
flat repairs... how to air up the tires... how to clean and lube a chain... etc... etc...

a "proper" class could morph into kids making custom bikes, custom trailers, or custom whatever
it could be about kids who race bikes as well as the kids who want something to hang out on
it would be about expression and education

the basic use of tools
the right tool for the job
the process of fixing and repairing something

the options are limitless

people take pride in showing off something that they build
it is rewarding to make something and ride it
heck... last night I had my boys swap out the bearings in their skateboards
they really enjoyed the project

in this era of the bicycle it would make sense to prep people for the future

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