the journey is the destination...

not too many photos
well... maybe too many for you
but not too many in respect to how I can take photos
when I have the camera and I see action
I can not contain myself
well... if that action involves bicycles or my kids
then I can not contain myself

this Saturday past I was anxious that the rain was locking everyone down unnecessarily
my younger son Grant was at a birthday party at The Spy Museum
which had me thing that the museums would be a good idea
so I set my sites on The Air and Space Museum

at first I started to ask
but when I heard back pedalling
I back pedalled faster
I told Dean that we were going to take the Metro train to The Air and Space Museum
I told him that his friend Sasha was invited

Sasha was hesitant
then I ran into our neighbor Alex
and invited him along too
the boys grabbed their DC One Cards and Flash Passes

we made an afternoon of it

I tried selecting an interesting route
the fastest most direct path was not as important as interesting

we went through parks for parkour
and through various sculpture gardens for eye candy
sorry... but respect the DO NOT TOUCH and DO NOT CLIMB rules 

except when in the parks and the open space
but don't get busted
know when and what is acceptable 

and of course... the first rules
don't be stupid
don't get hurt
and above all
no killing yourself

the boys were not let down
I gave them space and I guided them down an interesting path

at the Air and Space Museum I gave them more space
you have an hour
one hour
stick together
and meet me here in one hour
the exit by the busy street side not the quiet street by "the mall" side

they enjoyed themselves

there was more parkour as we traversed the city

we stopped in Chinatown for dumplings, friend chicken wings, and some rice noodles
fantastic snack!

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