things cost... parking... coat check.. bicycle parts

it is true...
all things come at a price
figuratively and literally
nothing is free

everything has its price

so... I have a few "bicycle projects" that I have been "working on"
well... actually... I have a few bicycle projects that have been stalled
these projects were started... but my momentum was slowed to a point where the projects were all but forgotten

I had frames... wheels... and boxes of parts
but... I lacked the complete collection of bicycle components to make these parts become the whole bicycle

so... I went ahead and gathered things together and headed over to visit The Family Bike Shop to have them order the requisite parts and then complete the assembly
which is good... I want these bikes to be "good as new!"

so... after some discussion about "desires and needs" we ran a tally
and things turned out to be a tad more expensive than anticipated
but... that is how things go

if you were going to go to the auto parts store to build a car piece by piece
then that car would cost far more than just buying a complete car

just like knitting a sweater
after purchasing the various knitting needles... then some yarn
maybe a few buttons and whatever else goes into knitting a sweater
well... in the end... after the time... sweat... and frustration
that said sweater may very well have cost more in materials than just going to Nemian Marcus  and pulling a sweater off the rack and walking it over to the register

in the end...
the bikes will be awesome
I just wish I had admitted defeat and taken these bikes to the shop sooner

if sanity comes at a cost
I will just write a check

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