I would not wish this upon my worst enemy

Axel Charrette Murdered at the age of 2 in Mexico

there can be no balancing the scale for this injustice...
what needs to happen is not going to happen soon

the family is going to have to find peace
which I am not sure how they will do

if I am angry... if my life is full of stress, pain, and discomfort
and I am without hardship
how does someone deal with this?
the loss of a young child... especially under these circumstances
it has to be an emotional injury that is tough to recover from

my kids are at school... I wish I could bring them home and just hug them

I do not even know this family
I have never even met this boy
yet I am saddened
I can only imagine the anger and sadness that this family is going through
there must be an intense pain like part of them has been removed... leaving a void
a void that will never be filled

the world has been changed forever
and not for the better
a life that could have been will never be
Axel's life was senselessly cut short

even if the father was not a friend of a friend
this story would still move me

this is a family like mine
this is a person like me

husband-wife... two kids
the father is a cyclist and a lover of life
this is clearly a family up for adventure
a family not entirely dissimilar to mine

then this...
this unwarranted/unexpected/unanticipateable death
this was not supposed to happen but it did
it is unbelievable
if were a movie it would be unnecessary violence
a topic I would not care to see... something I would not care to have portrayed in front of me
something that could only be implied... not presented with CGI
no one would want to see this
not even in a fictitious world

in real life? 
please say no... say that this did not happen
but it did
this is a story from someone's real life
while it should just be a heinous act in one of our sensationally violent movies of our times

not knowing what else to do I pray
well... first I cried and then I prayed
although I am not really a fan of organized religion
I was raised catholic and I can not get the scary guy with the big gray beard out of my head
but that is not who I pray to.. that is not how I pray
my style of  prayer is from my heart to theirs

may Axel's family feel love and warmth in this cold empty time
may this experience bring you closer to the ones you love
don't let it push you apart
there will be much anger and sadness for a long long time
you will never forget
I know that reading this article sent me directly to hug both of my boys
I know that the parents wish just for one last day... one more day... one more chance to look in young Axel's eyes

it saddens me that this family is living a nightmare that they will never wake up from
they did not deserve this... no family would deserve this
and of course poor Axel...  this little boy never did anything to deserve this
no one... no child... on one would deserve this

all I know
I have cried each time I have revisited this story
every time I scan the web for updates
then read various news sources
I cry
if this hurts me... then I can not imagine the pain that the people who knew and loved Axel are feeling

Axel Charrette Murder Update



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