intense exercise is not the only cure to obesity

pretty much any interest\activity\hobby can curb obesity

model planes?
hard to eat with your fingers stuck together as you pass out from the Testor's airplane glue

woodworking... painting... 
take any interest-activity-hobby

practicing guitar or playing drums
it is not so much the cardio of either activity
although that is there

it is also that...
it is hard to hold a sandwich and a soda while you are practicing that instrument
the more time a person practices
the less idle time they have to graze on snacks

the same would go for just about anything

television and all of these "screens"
these things can rot the body and the mind
there is something about watching television and the feeling that it is important to eat at the same time
just like in the movies

is this because we are trying to turn a passive activity into an active activity?

listening to 311

I think it is cool that they are from Nebraska 

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