rain rain go away...

I am ready for our winterless winter to be done
either snow or be done with it
rain? who needs it?
oh... we do

I get it... April Showers is not just a film on RedTube

these photos are from many bikes ago
the boys have moved to bigger wheels some time ago
and these bikes
well... the GT BMX Cruiser is back in its original owners hands
(thanks Merriams)
and that red GT Mountain Bike is now in the hands of one of their friends; Emmet

the boys each moved to Trek bikes
24 and 26 inch wheels respectively 

they also each have recently acquired alternate bikes of the same size
Dean has a Gunnar Single Speed that was complied from parts from an assortment of friends for an assortment of prices
while Grant got a new Giant

the younger brother so often gets hand-me-downs
so it seemed fair to get him a new bike

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