the Frankenbakfiet... my Fat Albert and the gang Dutch Cargo Bike

the cargo bike has been out of priority

I am not without my excuse... rationalizations... or what I believe to be justifiable reasoning

part of the issue is the season
it is winter... or at least a DC winter
wavering temperatures with wetness about freezing
which would I have me riding less

also... my schedule
my schedule changed drastically on Valentines Day

oh yes... almost forgot... there was an issue with the rear wheel
the rear wheel had some broken spokes
lots of broken spokes... enough broken spokes to consider rebuilding the wheel
I have never built a wheel
so I just bought five spokes

I replaced the spokes
I trued the wheel
I have ridden my home made Dutch Cargo bike

yet... the Frankenbakfiet has fallen out of priority
need to bump this bike up in priority

then again...
I have been having fun riding my Single Speed geared for dirt on the urban obstacles
been riding the stairs and such in the parks around our neighborhood and the next

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