ah... authority

so, I am driving around running some errands after dropping my son off at school...

bike locked in front of school for post school bike ride... check.
checks deposited at bank... check.
ten 29  cent gold fish for backyard pond... check.
then off to the grocery store

so.... there I am going down a residential street
parked cars flank both sides of the road
coming up the hill towards my is a DC Police SUV
the red white and blue SUV with siren and lights is coming up the road more on my half of the road then his
I continue forward... not slowing... but dipping slightly towards my side of the road

there is no change in behavior of the car headed my way
then they dip to the side
giving my clearance on my side
while they have plenty of room on their side

it is close... but two cars can easily pass side by side on these narrow residential streets

just as we are about to meet... the officer swerves in front of me and then back into his lane
as our faces pass... drivers side to drivers side I hear...  "SLOW DOWN!"

I glanced at my speedometer... and I was traveling less than 25 MPH in a 25 MPH zone

was it my behavior or his behavior that was in question?
I was aware of him and altered my position long before he noticed me
my car was on my side of the road... although there is no center line
I was entirely on my side all along
while he was playing "hogs of the road" until he woke up and saw me

and my speed
my speed was slow and in control

no need to have a conversation with this man
there is no such thing as a conversation with a DC Police office
conversation equals incarceration 
or at least a ticket

groceries purchased and put away
now on to tending to a kid home sick from school before I throw my leg over the bike and get my younger son from school

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