Fat Worm Composting...

Washington DC is a little less than progressive
sure there are progressive people
and there may be some progressive effort
but over all

Little Red School House Old School!

in Boulder Colorado I watch as my hosts separate their waste
there is a container for compost... a bin for recycling... and a bin for trash
trash is the smallest of these containers
all of this is picked up separate

in Washington DC... I am not so sure we recycle
there have been a handful days where I witnessed the trash men working hyper efficiently 
consolidating the blue recycling cans with the green super cans
then unloading the contents in the single trash truck

email complaints to people at Public Works and there was a change in behavior

but what about our changing of behavior

I have seen that some people have taken it upon themselves to start composting
there are a few companies that do home pick up for a nominal fee

it is my thought that if people on a each city block got a handful of their neighbors to join the system
well... the company would have a more efficient use of their time
heading to the block for multiple pick ups rather than one
and then maybe... just maybe
that company would give the people on that block a discount

Fat Worm Compost in Washington DC

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