Matt Moore of QBP and the LAB


no... these are not the classic Gwadzilla shots where I used a mirror or some reflective surface to capture a shot of myself

no... this is Matt Moore
Matt is with Quality Bicycle Products as well as being on the board of The League of American Bicyclists 

Matt Moore is a good guy... a smart guy... and a solid cyclist
I hope that Matt brings one thing back to the board at The League...

that a bike summit should involve THE BIKE!
and that... 
a bike summit (or any conference for that matter) should involve fun

At The New Belgium Bike Summit there was no shortage of fun and they had several bicycle rides!

there was a mountain bike ride that was held at the same time as an around town urban ride
then there was a scavenger hunt around Fort Collins
bicycles were provided by the Fort Collins Bicycle Library

the connection and camaraderie that was build by riding bikes with these other advocates outweighed anything that the group could have gotten out of another lecture or another breakout session
conversations on these rides were started along with friendships
the advocates are more likely to carry on future electronic conversations with other advocates who they feel are friends... rather than just someone they met at a conference

later today I plan on looking at the video I took with the GoPro of the mountain bike ride and of the Scavenger Hunt
but first... I need to wade through a card of still photos!

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