sure... he is only in 6th grade

last week my older son did his first track meet...
it came without a warninghe ran a few events and then did long jump
he was pleased with his effort

but me... I am not so sure
I found it aggravating that the coach would have him run hurdles when he had never seen hurdles before.... NO INSTRUCTION... NO PRACTICE... 

sure he wanted to run the hurdles... but really... not only was he at risk of looking foolish... but what if he got hurt

trying to do something he was not in full understanding of
not being introduced to the methodology of it all
no understanding of the mixture of running and learning the obstacle in a hurdler's fashion
wow... good job coach... I guess some people have success stories where they tell the tale of how they were set up for failure.... and failed

okay... there was no negative emotion to his effort
he was pleased with his success and not frustrated with his effort
I still have not asked if he knocked any hurdles down
but he did tell me he got last place
if my son were older
he would have at least watched this video to know what hurdling is
he is not interested in girls yet
so this video was off his radar when it came out

Australian Hurdler's Warm Up followed by an awe inspiring effort


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