the goal is not to add to the chaos... but to fit in with the chaos

snapped this shot of a cyclist stopped at a Red Light in Boulder Colorado...

the light was red, but the intersection was clear
yet the cyclist waited... the light may or may not have been sensor activated
I snapped some shots... we chatted... and he waited
this is how he rolls

I guess if everyone behaved like this it would make sense
but... I am not sure that is how the system works
there is a degree of FLEXIBILITY to our system
especially with the bicycle

the networks of roads in this country are designed for vehicles other than cars
the timing of the lights
the sensors at the intersections
everything... designed for cars

I view cycling as being closer to walking than driving
the damage a bicyclist can do in an accident is far closer to the collision of pedestrians than the collision of cars
so... at a light
I behave more like a pedestrian by JAY-BIKING

rolling through the intersection not just because the light is in my favor
but because it is free and clear

in Washington DC we have some issues...
the car drivers are aggressive, often ignoring the signals... often ignoring the presence of pedestrians and cyclists
which has me living by the notion of not so much the law... but the effort to put myself where I am most safe

I believe that it is unfair to penalize a pedestrian for crossing mid-block until it is made more safe to cross in the crosswalk
that same logic applies to the bicycle
I am no more safe when I ride within the limits of the law than when I modify the law to expedite my trip

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