my brother turned me onto this blog...

Steve Tilford

I really enjoyed that piece about the retirement of Levi
the whole cheating thing intrigues me

funny... I had my share of "fun" in college
but never considered a performance enhancing drug other than Viagra
not cause I need it
but considered it for sport

okay... Viagra did not exist until long after I graduated college
the point is I partied... but I did not cheat

in college we made a promise not to drink the night before a soccer game
it was Division III and we were a losing team
heck, it was a party school
which has me thinking I may not have broken that promise on every eve of a game
but I can remember playing a tournament at Christopher Newport where I broke curfew to attend a college party on the beach
which was funny... as the guys on the bleachers heckling me the whole game were there
we had a few beers and a laugh

just like the game the day prior... we lost... but it was not the beers
actually everyone was given a pass to drink
the coaches respected that we drove a long way and that we were totally out matched
we were a losing Div Three team playing a bunch of Div One teams

we got smoked
but I played my heart out
sorry... got off topic

while in Colorado I met a guy who was an ex-pro
a professional cyclist in the era of Lance Armstrong
Doping at its Peak
the science of cycling at its worst

this guy told me all sorts of stories
stories that did not put him in a good light
the whole thing intrigues me

no... I was never that good at soccer
but I was a very effective defender

playing Newport News they had this guy working to set his school's records for goals scored
I went man to man on him
held him scoreless
go get your record on another day

that was a fun day of soccer... even if we did lose
I played my heart out... I may have lost... hopefully I won some respect
not necessarily for skill... but for effort... it was games like that where I tried to play like the score was ZERO ZERO

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