sometimes the comments are better than the articles...

Bike Shed Rule to be Axed to Encourage Cycling

people and their sentiment about helmets...
I wonder if these people say things about every cigarette smoker they see

what about fat people eating junk food?
I wonder if these people have an opinion on what they see strangers eating

then parenting...
there were ideas about how a parent was riding with their child
do these same people micromanage strangers' parenting techniques

and the bicycle and the law
do these people drive a car and follow the letter of the law
then these same people... how do they behave as pedestrians

when I get into it with car drivers
I tend not to be so focused on the law
but Common Sense and Common Courtesy
the law may be mentioned... but I am not calling out for strict adherence of the law
just looking for some consistency

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