the oldest profession in the world...

Prostitutes at the Caanes Film Festival can make Up to 40 Grand a Night

last night I was watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with my boys...
well... they are cowboys
and there is some cowboy activity
shooting... gambling... horseback riding... and hookers

it confused my boys when Butch and Sundance were in the brothel
I had to explain
that there are woman that will hang out and kiss a man for money
this intrigued the boys
it is understandable that a woman would want to be with Paul Newman
my younger son asked if the man has to pay more money if he is fat and gross

it was a short exchange
but I had to let them know
this is the oldest profession in the world
and that I know little more of it other than what I have read about or seen in films

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