Bike Lights by MonkeLectric

bike lights...

it is simple...
if you have a bike... you need bike lights
the lights should be on your bike at all times
do people take the lights off their cars and only put them on when they plan on driving at night?

right now there are so many programs to try and get lights on bikes
if you can not afford lights... look into this
if you are too cheap to buy lights... chase down these links

in the DC Area I know WABA and Bike Arlington each have frequent Bike Light Give Aways
I bet if you were a member of either of these groups and stopped by their office... they would give you a light set if you were to visit their office
if you are not a member
maybe you could call... offer to join... and see if they will hook you up with some lights

it is not that hard
just go to your Local Bike Shop and BUY SOME DAM LIGHTS!
I am a big fan of the KNOG style lights as well as the high powered NiteRider Lights
there are lights to see and there are lights to be seen

think about what sort of lights you need and react accordingly

Bike Lights by MonkeyLectric is a start up company looking for KickStarter Support


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