Dana Wolf

Dana in her WABA t-shirt
Dana was a life long advocate for cycling
for several years she was on the WABA board

Dana was on the fixed gear before most Brooklyn Urban Hipsters got their training wheels off
Dana expressed herself and her love of biking in many ways
tri-athalons being one of her outlets

sad to report...
Dana Wolf has lost her fight against cancer

Dana kicked ass on the bike
Dana kicked as in life
long live the memory of Dana Wolf

earlier this week Dana passed away
I do not know more... I do not have details
I only share what I know
all I know is... Dana is no longer with us

last I heard I thought that Dana was gonna beat cancer

Dana had spirit and heart
over the years each time I saw Dana she had a smile on her face
we spoke and I never heard her complain about her lack of strength... the run around she went through to get into various treatment programs... or the dim prognosis
I can learn a great deal about life by looking at how Dana lived her life

glad I knew Dana... each and ever encounter with Dana over the past couple decades always brightened my day
I am a better person for having been Dana's friend

Rest in Peace Dana Wolf
you were a friend to many
the world would be a better place if there were more people like  you on this planet

Dana on my page

and yes.

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