DIY Devil Sticks with bicycle inner tubes-

DIY Devil Sticks
some dowels from the hardware store
some old used never to be patched bicycle inner tubes
and some tape
electrical and gaffer's tape
duct tape would work

a few weeks back when we were at the beach I ran our standard routine of allowing the boys to buy something
The Rehoboth Toy and Kite store is a family favorite

Grant found a kids indoor bow and arrow set that was really cool...
not free... not cheap... but well built and cool
Dean wanted some Devil Sticks... they had demo models, but were SOLD OUT
so... we looked around

unable to find the Devil Sticks at the beach
I went ahead and assembled a few sets myself
a quick GOOGLE brought up a variety of DIY pages with varying instructions
much like cooking... I loosely followed the instructions 

pleased with my results
when the kids get back from New Mexico we will see how they respond
more than likely there will be a dispute about them being different
when in actuality... I foresee them being played with for a minute and then forgotten about

unless Dean gets that three-6 week burst of intense passion where he learns something... gains some moderate level of achievement at it
then does not do it again for a few years
that is what happened with the yo-yo
Dean has like a dozen yo-yos and enough spare yo-yo string to loop the world

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