not sure... but I think this is a side of Brad that most people have never seen...

this search of the gwadzilla page brings up some fantastic randomness
there is new belgium bike summit words and images... there C Bennet Moore of Big Wheel Bikes in Old Town Alexandria doing magic making a 16 inch tire work for a 12 inch wheel... 

there is a bit about my stopping by the Dirt Rag HQ in Pittsburgh

there are a few posts that link tangents to Brad Hawk
but nothing about this Brad
which is weird

here is the gwadzilla search for brad

mistakenly I thought searching for Orange on the gwadzilla page would bring up a shot of brad working as a messenger... maybe working as a mechanic.... maybe doing some Capital Bike Share... but no

nice shot of brad and sheba's younger daughter
whose name I can not recall
but I do not feel bad
as she does not know my name either

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