revelation... something I may not want to admit

years ago I got all self righteous and challenged car drivers to the car commuter challenge
I put the challenge on my blog
I offered the challenge to friends and co-workers who would complain to me about the bikes slowing them down
the Car Commuter Challenge on my blog

I do not drive enough to run this test
but... I could try the test

my style of riding is not exactly that of the "scoff law messenger"
but... just as a pedestrian will "jaywalk"
I will "jaybike"
I roll through the city streets taking into account the lights and the traffic

going when it is clear

I feel that if I ran the Car Commuter Challenge in BIKE MODE
I would learn that my effort is not necessarily shaving that much time off my commute
upping the danger factor
perhaps contributing to the chaos
but only saving me a few minutes

something to consider

sadly... when I obey the law
when the light or the law is in my favor
I am not any more safe

just yesterday blocks from my house I was cruising at a decent pace down 18th Street in Mount Pleasant
as I hit the light at the intersection of 18th and Park I had the green
the oncoming car refused to yield to me

the car could have gone immediately and not caused me any issue
they waited... maybe not noticing that the light turned green
then just as I entered the intersection
they took the left hand turn in front of me

not yielding me the right of way
not granting me my turn
forcing me to slow rather than t-bone their passenger side
I gave them a one finger way.... they gave one finger right back

within the limits of the law... I get no more respect than when I break the law
my obligation to get where I am going safely
the objective to arrive alive
well... it is on me

cars do not look for the bike
cars do not see the bike
the cars that do see the bike do not respect the bike
the biker needs to put themselves where they are most safe

just as with the pedestrian
I approve of jaywalking until it is more safe to cross in the crosswalk than to cross mid block
as long as crossing in the crosswalk is like running with the bulls
there should be no penalty to the pedestrian for jaywalking

control the car chaos
then all others will follow suit and step into the order
right now there is no order
so for the pedestrian and cyclist to follow the letter of the law does not make complete sense

no... do not contribute to the chaos
but yes
do what makes sense

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