yes... it is a "two way street"

in the Philly area they are trying to educate pedestrians and car drivers on appropriate use of space

cars failure to yield to pedestrians and cyclists in the crosswalk is one of the breakdowns that makes our society so uncivilized

that whole "do unto others" thing
well... nearly all of us walk
nearly all of us cross the street
so how is it when people are in their cars they lack the empathy and understanding of the plight of pedestrian?

it is simple...
obey the law...
make a complete stop at the stop sign at the stop line
look both ways for pedestrian and crossing car traffic
then go when it is YOUR TURN

going out of turn is a major contributing factor to the chaos and the danger
people do not take enough of the situation into account to weigh in whose turn is next
the slow and go is short sighted and selfish
while also being dangerous

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