Shutdown... that whole if Congress gives you lemons... go ride your bike

after putzing around the house... I rode my bike
then scrambled to get ready for pick up

scripted a convoluted plan...
knowing Grant is having a good time going to the neighborhood park after school I drove to pick up with his bicycle and the dog
met Grant at school and walked him to the park
took his back pack then walked the dog

left the bike
then returned to home in the car to get my bike

when I got home I saw that my older son Dean was already home from school
he was making a milk shake

asked Dean if he was interested in riding to get Grant from school
Dean is pretty agreeable

not having a schedule conflict Dean agreed to come along
Dean and I rode the short ride from home to school to get Grant

with mild objection Grant mounted up
Grant suggested a short ride home

I should have STRAVA-ed our ride home
but I did not
hard enough to motivate the boys
feed the boys a snack
then guide them safely around town

we did a little loop that was less than directly home
there were some loops in the local parks so the boys could mess around and work on their technical

I may bring the bike to pick up today


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