the top photo was taken inside the place that Lisa and I lived in pre-marriage/pre-kids
we became husband and wife when we lived in that place
we got our dogs Roscoe and Brutus when we lived in that place
we had our first child when we lived in that place

lots of memories of when we lived in that place

yes... I was a Gnome for Halloween
there was some thought... what can I be with a beard
Papa Smurf was high on the list... painting myself blue was not something I was looking forward to
the basic Garden Gnome seemed like a solid plan

so... when I got home from work... I hustled to throw something together
luckily my neighbor had some fabric I could use for my hat
as the hat made the outfit

I really enjoyed the small children's response to my costume
older people thought... Santa... Keebler Elf... 
but I could hear wee ones say to their parents... "look at the Gnome.. look at the Gnome"

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