Mike... Mike Schwartz of Mike's Bikes in Lexington Park Maryland... I have great memories of trying to figure out this very complicated character who milled about the college campus of a school that he graduated from maybe a decade or two prior...

Mike sponsored the Ultimate Team
Mike sponsored and played on the Green Door Intramural Football team
oh... it does not stop there


SOCCER! VOLLEYBALL (Swartz was pretty killer at volleyball) 
I am sure that the list continues

I wonder when Mike stopped being involved in St Mary's College activities
my guess is that his end of an era was my era

as SMC was morphing from the Saints to the Seahawks and was seeking national recognition for its academic standards rather than for being a top ten party school

things got tighter in the years after I graduated

the tone of the school went through a major shift
fewer dilapidated off campus house for upper class-men and more townhouses on campus
Villa House, RoadSide House, Pet House, FPN House... the list goes on
if only I could remember the parties I went to at those houses

all the press about Mike and Mike's Bikes is always amazing
he does so much for the community in the county
his food drives for the poor change lives

I wish I had had a chance to better understand Mike Schwartz when I had the chance
or at least it would have been cool to have a less contentious relationship

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