Tommy... Tommy looked this old when I met him what may be twenty some years ago...

Tommy in Dupont Circle
not today
this shot may be ten years old

random flash drive surfaced so I thought I would peak around

Tommy looks pretty much as he did when I first met him
Tommy looked this hardened and leathered when I met him in my early twenties
or so it seemed 
Tommy seemed much older than me then
yet it turns out we are roughly the same age

some shots of Tommy on the Gwadzilla Page

Tommy does good work when he works
or at least I can share my personal experience
quality work... hard time seeing things to the finish
disappears and becomes invisible
 Tommy has "ghosted" on me too many times for me to try any more projects with him

I remember one time I gave Tommy a bag of clothing and maybe Tommy felt I was putting him in debt of a favor and he said
"now don't get all uppity about giving me a bag of stuff that you were just going to throw in the trash"
there is some truth to that

Tommy has the shrewdness of a street hustler
often weaving lies faster than just telling the truth
it hurts to say that because I have a special place in my heart for Tommy
but he burned me too many times on our "business relationship" and that effected our "personal relationship"

we pass on our bikes and exchange hellos
seeing Tommy makes me smile

I hope that life is being kind to Tommy
Tommy grew up fast in a world very different from my own
when I first met Tommy I was wet behind the ears suburban kid going from bar to bar chasing beer specials and girls

Tommy was already working some sort of unorthodox track
not sure if he worked a day job 
I know he has working relationships... I think he does the landscaping at the Unitarian Church... so maybe he has a few "clients"
but never the 9-5 for Tommy
well... it does not appear such

Tommy always seemed to be working the hustle
coming up at the same time as Blelvis while Adams Morgan was going through one of its eras of evolution
more pan handlers and street hustlers in that era
more petty crime
and more hard crime 

Tommy is a complicated character
I have always felt that Tommy has a good Heart
and not just because of this story
I can recall an incident just over 20 years ago where I lost my wallet... Tommy found it and returned it... the money was still in it... he asked for no reward... just work... not sure where Tommy found my wallet
I am thinking it fell out of my pocket while I was drinking beers on the couch on our front porch at 1709 Irving Street

the wallet did travel that night
involving a phone call to my parents house in bethesda because of drivers license still having my parents maryland address
not sure specifically I made good... but I was appreciative and did make good

tommy would clean up group house kitchens
not sure if we every used his services to clean 1709 Irving while I lived there
but while I lived there Tommy did feel comfortable coming by asking for favors... sometimes money
often borrowing tools off the porch.... usually bringing them back
once borrowing a bicycle I had hung as decoration
only returning a different bicycle without a rear wheel
not quite the same effect

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