Beautiful- but too sticky to ski... Yet I tried

Didg Digging the Deep Powder!

Dean and I did an early assault on the local sledding hill
we got in a few runs together
then marched back with the dog
Dean got home just in time to return to the hill with his peer group

good father son time
then... good to let the boy hang with people his own age

while Dean was out sledding
I played some Connect Four with Grant then went out with the cross country skies
it was too late in the day
the soft powder had gotten heavy

heavy and sticky
I marched for 2 hours and 44 minutes thinking that I could find some decent snow

at the end of my journey I ran into Garcia
Garcia was packing it in
the sticky snow was not worth the effort
he was more shrewd then myself

Garcia figured out in a half hour what took me nearly three hours to discover

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