ah... what is the status on Chris Soda?

Chris Soda

ah... Chris... how is my buddy Chris?
a reluctant friend
the Gwadzilla Number One sign like all jokes always carried some truth

Chris was not sure of me at the start
eventually we became friends
but like many a messenger
there can be an urban edge
a shell of protectiveness

eventually I broke that shell and got past that edge
Chris and I became friends

Chris Soda is a complicated character
he is driven
he is a slacker
so much yin and yang going on with that guy

Chris can be obnoxious and off color
while Chris can also be kind, considerate, and helpful

heal up my brother
I am praying that this black cloud that is hovering over you finally blows away
you have been through so much
there is much more for you to do

heal up... thinking of you as I think of our mutual friend Lon

is it true that you had an account with the hot dog stand at Connecticut and L Street?

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