I AM SEEING RED... a red wagon that is- ran into Ian MacKaye as I passed through Lamont Park headed to Tonic for dinner and drinks with a friend

Lamont Park in Mount Pleasant
a small swath of land
nothing more than a patch of brick space in between Mount Pleasant Street and the Metro Bus 42 turn around
what was more than likely the trolly turn around in the time when trolley cars still traversed these streets

the simple park is adorned with these pillars and a stage
I knew the woman who made these pillars
she died in a car accident in Rock Creek Park
sad... life ending early is always sad

as I passed through the park I ran into Ian Mackaye and his sister
having my camera and her having her bicycle had me invite myself to snap a photo
gotta feed the blog

Ian... like so many Mount Pleasant parents comes to this park with his kids
when my kids were younger we would go to Heller's Bakery and then play in this park
heck... I still take my now somewhat older boys to this park to ride the stairs on their mountain bikes

seeing Ian and his son in this park...
often seeing Mark Anderson in this park...
all sorts of people of DC's punk past in this park with their kids
Eddie Janney and Natile Avery with their son Jackson skateboarding and their daughter VeeVee on a scooter

the list goes on
brings up the notion that maybe there should be an update to the book BANNED IN DC with a book titled DAD IN DC or something similar that does not leave out the ladies
but really... the punk scene was a bit of a boys club

Banned in DC and my mention of this concept over the years

nice lighting... thanks for obliging me with the shot

after a night where I may have had a beer too many I woke up and went up to Heller's for coffee and a breakfast sandwich
then very much out of character I indulged in some leisure time at the Farmer's Market
it is really a vibrant scene
ran into all sorts of friends saw all sorts of familiar faces

there were countless families from my kids' schools
then more people I know from the DC music scene
more DC types with their families
it is really something

Mount Pleasant is a wonderful neighborhood
this little park is a big part of that

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