the shot... I knew when I snapped that first shot that I got the shot... it was set so naturally... always love the balance of the triangle in my photos... try to create it when I can... this time it created itself...

hanging out at the tour de fat

I snapped a few shots
of course there were a few more
so I will share these as well
but really
the first shot tells the story that I wanted to share

not sure... but I think that guy in the bright green shirt has a chrome beach cruiser
I feel like I have crossed paths with his mellow cyclist vibe 
at a glance
this looks like it may be the same dude

I do not have a photographic memory
but my memory is able to catalog many memories
and I remember that picture
sometimes I remember the photo and then remember the memory from seeing the photo
it goes back and forth

yet I am not certain that is him
need to zoom in more closely to make my final decision
but I am going off vibe and style as much as anything

in our interaction there was a rapid exchange of all sorts of information
they gave me a flyer for an art show... event... I am not really sure
I tucked it in my pocket for later review
those pants or that flyer are not with me now so I can not review and share the information

we also connected some random dots
the design on the flyer was very graffiti art
so I pulled a name out of a hat from my high school past and my electronic Scrabble present
hobo aka ultra aka...
(if you have to ask)

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