and I joked with John as he pulled up at Thomas Circle for the Alleycat... I joked that we were the two oldest people racing... that is something that we need to keep in our minds when we test our limits...

John Dinn... a gentle giant... a man among men
I have not known John Dinn long... but when I met him... he invited me in to become his friend
always kind... always considerate... always caring
John is a good dude... a stand up dude

send John a positive thought on FACEBOOK

I do not know the details... but apparently John Dinn had a heart attack yesterday
during yesterday's Tour de DC Summer Alleycat John was not feeling well and dropped out of the race
at the finish I noticed he was gone
no one gave it much thought

not seeing John I turned to Morgan and had Morgan call him
simultaneously I turned to Alex to have him call him
each of them called\texted with no response

now we know why... I just figured he bailed
which he did... then today I see a message that John's bike is missing
so I check John's Facebook page
there I see a message from John wife Kim on Facebook telling people about the heart attack and his current situation

apparently John is in ICU... which to me sound serious
so... send good thoughts and prayers to a good person

John... you and your family are in my thoughts
take care
I look forward to seeing you back on the bike ASAP!

photos and words involving John Dinn on the Gwadzilla blog

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