bicycles and buildings in Adams Morgan here in Washington DC...

a window into my world... that is what this blog is
a window into my world and a window into the world around me

my photos are a limited perspective
these photos are of what passes in front of my camera
there is much more to the city than my limited perspective
there is much more to the bicycle culture in Washington DC than my limited perspective

my photos of people and bicycles act as time capsules
a moment in time frozen
the bikes... the buildings
the people and their clothes
something as simple as the make\model\design of a DC Metro Bus or a DC Police Car
these markings will tell the viewer the era that this photo was taken

store fronts change
business open and businesses close

the city is forever changing
these images are documents of this ever changing city

Adams Morgan is a vibrant part of Washington DC
the evolution of this neighborhood has been subtle 

chase the links... share the links
then go ride your bike

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