DC Space... snagged a photo of DC Space "then" off Facebook

 DC Space then...
I saw bands... I saw all sorts of bands...
I saw so many bands at DC Space that I have a hard time naming one
I saw an art film made by some of the local cool punk rockers... the key players in "Banned in DC"
I was almost positive that they mistakenly played it backwards
people of course the emperor's new coat always gets applause
even if it is mistakenly inside out

I remember a young... very young Henry Rollins just starting out his "spoken word" thing
that was cool... but also sort of strange
although it was an ultimate exclusive
some of the Henry spoken word things were nights of reminiscence with Ian MacKaye 

all the stories of how they met...
all the jobs they had...
yes... jobs... Surf Shop, Animal Hut, Georgetown Theater, and of course Hagen Das
they just told these stories
stories that they have since told many many times over

DC Space had its regulars
DC Space had its long running employees
I was none of these
but I did attend a great number of "shows" at DC Space

and now
now DC Space is a Starbucks
the register is on the stage

a shot of Bells of at DC Space
snagged from GBJ Photo on Facebook

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