I hate mosquitos... what are the options? is Mosquito Squad safe?

Mosquito Squad FAQ

these Mosquito Squad signs are popping up all over the neighborhood
and well... not without reason
Mount Pleasant is the summer vacation destination for all sorts of mosquitos... the Asian Tiger Mosquito being the most tenacious of all

so... How effective is the Mosquito Squad?
If you spray your yard... won't your neighbor's mosquitoes just jump the fence and and play in your back yard?
and then... What are the dangers of the Mosquito Squad spray?
is the spray dangerous for pets and children?
what is the effect on insects other than mosquitoes?
butterflies? fireflies? preying mantis and other like-able bugs?

then... if your neighbor sprays... how does this effect your garden?
what are your rights as a neighbor?
I am not currently gardening... but I would not want my tomatoes and peppers flavored with mosquito spray

what is the truth?
what are our options?

I like the thought of plants that repel mosquitoes
but most of these plants are simply effective ingredients for bug repellant
which is one more step than we are looking for
but there are a few plants that seem to have some anti-bug anti-mosquito effects 

Plants that Repel Mosquitos

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