in my short daily commute I am seeing more and more car alternatives... bikes, skateboards, and then this two wheeled running thing...

car alternatives?
start with buses and cabs
then move to
walking... running... roller blading... bikes
and what else?
within bikes there is bike share
but wait... there is more
more you ask? yes MORE!

this guy long boarding in a suit just a block from the White House is somewhat amusing
if I had not been running late I would have gone halfway down the block to get a shot of him cruising down 1600 Penn with the White House over his shoulder

in some ways the skateboard makes sense... the skateboard for cruising down the downslopes
not pushing hard enough to break a sweat on the flats
then carrying the board on the up sections
making a walk to work move a lot faster

and then this

an elliptical running machine on wheels!

there are not many of these on the roads... but I have seen a couple
at first... it seemed odd
but now that I see him commuting each morning it becomes less of an oddity
in fact... it looks pretty cool

it is a great way for a runner to get their "run on"
with less impact 
while running for a short duration but covering a greater distance
I expect to see more of these in the future

the guy propelling this mechanism says it is a bit of a rush to run at 15 MPH

I wonder where someone finds something like this
would this be in a bike shop or a running store

I would be curious to try one of these
it is odd... how well does it steer

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