it seems foolish to have the dangers without the gains...

H Street is a tad out of my routine
it is not often I find myself on my bike on H Street in NE
sure... it happens... but not often
not so often that I can not be extra careful around the street car tracks

but I get it...
streetcars and streetcar tracks can be a hazard to the unsuspecting
definitely look both ways before crossing streetcar tracks... unless you are in Washington DC... because DC does not have street cars

then of course... proceed with caution when crossing street car tracks
perpendicular is the best way to cross
parallel may not go so well
wet streetcar tracks are more sketchy than dry

but really...
I do not agree with having the hazard of streetcar tracks without streetcars
lets just get the streetcars on the road already
and yes
be careful on or around streetcars and streetcar tracks

article in DCist about this t-shirt made by some victims of the H Street Streetcar Tracks

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